Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If it seems like too much, make a list...

... how do you think Santa Claus delivers all those presents to those kids? I just need to start thinking Christmas in July I suppose.

Last night was a great working meeting, and we did end up getting the boat out on the water. The Lafayette River is a great venue to work on a wide variety of tasks, or just go sailing. We did a little of both last night, ending up back at the Dockyard around 2130.


On shuffling trailers at the Dockyard last night, we managed to do damage to the only trailer present that has a job to do the day after tommorrow. Now, amongst all the other preparations, I'm breaking out the sledge hammer, blow torch and a whole new wiring harness (might as well, while we're at it). Oh, and we have to troubleshoot the towing vehicle tail lights.


It was decided last night that if at all possible we should sail from Naval Station Norfolk into Hampton. Crew numbers are the only consideration for this, but I do think it would be a great start to the festival (even though we wouldn't be going directly there - we have to stop and embark marines).


Last night we discussed another secret weapon - this one is a new and untapped source of additional manpower for the Pirate Abuse Festival. Stand by, we're not even sure they're available.


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