Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun with kids, or, a revival of child labor

Hello all and happy Friday! I know I've taken a bit longer of a vacation than many of you were expecting, but I have returned and am attempting to make a new start to work around the dockyard. No Fullbore Friday today - I know, I slack with the best of em sometimes.


Tomorrow I'll be out with the Monomoy Pulling Boat at the MWR Marina at Naval Station Norfolk. A group of Sea Cadets from the local "Tophatters Squadron" are coming out for basic seamanship training under oars. It should be fun to have the Cadets, who are all local high-school students, out for the morning - it'll be our first time working with a youth group and I'm excited.


Lastly, a quick observation. And no, it wasn't me - but I witnessed it and it was hillarious. In navy regulations we have a provision that states that "enlisted personnel and officers should be accommodated in separate quarters to allow each their privacy from the other". Despite the common practice of the Army and Air Force to steer away from this, I happen to think the Navy is on the right track in keeping to it. Privacy helps preserve the propriety between managers and managed, and keeps things professional. After all, sometime its good to keep ones humanity private. However at my command, a series of office buildings where juniors and seniors share common heads (restrooms).

Today a very senior gentleman was in the head, and shall we say he was having a difficult and unpleasant time of things in the stall. A junior yeoman walked in, looked at the shoes under the door and said "gee whiz, sir. (sniff) whoa. Umm, your ten o'clock, umm. Yeah. Whoa. I think I'll tell them you're engaged, sir. (covering mouth and nose) Oh man... sorry sir."

The scuffle behind the door belied the complete embarrassment of the occupant. Thinking back I am very proud of myself that I was able to contain my laughter from my place at the sinks across the room. Part of it probably stemmed from having my hand clamped so tightly over my mouth and nose, but I can't be sure.

Yeah, so there are reasons behind that reg.


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