Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tests Continue on New NWU Variations

This week in Washington, tests continue at the Operational Management and Obstruction Headquarters (OMOH) on several new variations of the Navy's highly sucessful NWU line. Since 2008, the Navy Working Uniform (NWU)(TM) clothing line has been extremely popular with sailors across the fleet. The myriad design options and accessories allow each sailor to express themselves in the line of duty, while the prices ensure they feel like they're shopping at Abercrombie, and keep hundreds of navy and DoD civilian contractors and countless sub-contractors in the black. The latest offering in the line is a dashing 'tiger stripe' camouflage, and includes an optional sporty beret, shown in black for left-handed sailors born on odd-numbered days, but in other colors expected soon. The photo above shows just one part of the extensive testing - using NWU gear in supression of spouses angry about their servicemembers spending so much on uniforms. Look for the new TigerStripe(c) NWUs in gray-dominant and blue-dominant color schemes coming to a NEX near you this fall!


Hurricane preparations continue at the dockyard - we are about half way there. Stay tuned for more as Hurricane Earl approches Hatteras.

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Christopher said...

Oooooo!!!! The new tiger stripes will make me feel sexy and voracious...Rawr!!!