Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Confusion reigns, and minions are on backorder

I've just been notified that my job title is probably changing to "Commissioner of Construction, Equipment and Repairs" - I would have liked a few shop slaves or minions, at least one of whom was an attractive woman who could cook, but I suppose I'll settle for the change in title. Crap! That means I have to go change it on all those forms. Oh well.

The Board of Directors is currently busy hacking away at a BIG revision to our organizational bylaws. But before anyone panics, I understand that they are cutting away the bulky admin we never use or have worked around, and clarifying several sticky points we've met in the last year or so. For those who haven't known much about the organization and where we came from, let me summarize:

Several months ago, back in December of 2009 actually, NHS was created from the Lobsterback Society LTD, a group that got its start in reenacting with the main banner of providing all the costumes and equipment for their participants, free of charge. Cool concept, runs much more smoothly than you'd think, but has one core problem - it gets old after a few years. And we young guns don't like being bored, we'd rather find something else to do. So the group adapted and since they were portraying British Rev War Marines anyway, boats and sailors were an obvious choice for expansion. The Monomoy Pulling Boat fell into our laps soon after, and the concept of becoming NHS soon followed.

Now, today, months later and neck deep in projects, goals and new events and activities, the old bylaws written for the Lobsterback Society, which were adapted and slightly modified to make NHS, are no longer adequate. In fact, they don't much fit us at all. The Supply Regulations alone mean I spend hours each week counting everything and forwarding up reports and inventories. Argh. I need shop slaves, or minions, or SOMEONE to do the actual labor while I fill out paperwork (I am sounding like an officer again, I know). But rather than addressing my request, they went back and addressed the problem, and lo and behold, name change and no minions.
The changes as I've seen them drafted encompass cutting out the Supply Regulations entirely, and significantly reducing the amount of regulation. Should be interesting.... more to follow.

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