Friday, September 24, 2010

Internet Wastelands

If you've had a look at lately you'll notice its been a little - um - unfinished. That in and of itself is not a bad thing, provided our web designer is actually working. I had wondered about that for some time now, but after some recent conversations last weekend and elsewhere, I decided to check up on things. As it turns out, my planned sensationalized Internet war with NHS's own web designer would only end in my demise. I stopped by yesterday to see what he'd been up to and was very pleasantly surprised with just how much he's got in the works. Pity, I had been looking so forward to flinging dung across the Internet... I roast him here, he roasts me on the website. It goes back and forth - fun times.

In fact, instead of the sensationalized Internet war I'm going to start a countdown until the new and improved website goes online - its currently scheduled to be uploaded on October 11 - so, 17 days to go. I think everyone will be very impressed with the product. That said - designer: I know yesterday you told me it was a tentative deadline BUT I am throwing down the gauntlet - let's see it!


My position title has officially changed - I am now the Commissioner of Construction, Equipment and Repairs - and no longer Dockyard Superintendent. Don't whine at me while I update things around the blog and in my paperwork.

My colleague in Danville at the Marine Barracks is now known as the Commissioner of Provisions and Clothing, vice Commissioner of Supply. Take notes, I'll ask questions later.


I am taking the weekend off to do some general cleaning around the Dockyard - we certainly need it. I also plan on taking odd opportunities to get out sailing at NOB - let me know if you want to join in.


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