Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The simplistic and idiotic

We're in day 6 of the Super Secret Project push here at the Dockyard - and things are progressing nicely. Still not sure we'll make the deadline, but are pushing hard to get there. For those who know what's going on - color looks awesome. Work is progressing on the other part so we can put 'it' in the 'thing'. It's like that time, the thing with the guy in the place.

Don't know why I keep trying movie lines. Our research department statistics show that nobody gets those references.


Today we discuss the upcoming events this weekend. Due to the hectic pace of activity on the Super Secret Project and event preparations, I may not be writing between now and next week.

First, preparations. The Monomoy has been moved up to primary staging for a quick cleaning. We also have some basic maintenance and repairs to attend to:
  • #2 thwart stretcher cracked and a portion broke off, that needs to be repaired.
  • Replace the sailing bilge board with the solid rowing bilge board (we're not using the sailing rig).
  • The boat plug needs to be cleaned and lubricated.
  • Trailer axles need to be greased - again - they look dry to me.
  • Inventory the Monomoy's Boat Box, report all discrepancies.

Camping this weekend is at the preference of the participants, however we are bringing the marines' squad tent, blankets and spare sleeping bags for anyone that wants to use them. Food will be provided by Mr. Woodard in Danville so if you care for anything other than fried chicken, please let him know immediately.

Second, execution. The Monomoy will be departing Norfolk no later than 1500 on Friday afternoon, expected driving time is 4.5 hours. We will be rolling slowly (55 mph and under) and stopping regularly to monitor trailer and towing vehicle - the hills on US 58 are no joke and will give us a run for our money. I still need a volunteer to move the Super Secret Project materials. On arrival Friday evening, we will park the trailer and make camp at the site reserved for us. No boats will be in the water Friday.

Saturday morning, we will muster around 0800, inspect the boats and make ready for launching at 0900. Uniform for active duty Navy personnel is gold over blue PT gear. The Boy Scouts will assist in launching all boats. Starting immediately thereafter we will being introductory instruction in the Monomoy. Intermediate level instruction will take place starting at 1100. Around 1400, after lunch and a rest break, we will pass a tow and make for the secluded end of the lake, where the "Super Secret Project" will be unveiled. Expect to wrap up operations around 1800 with recovery of all boats. Dinner will be provided by the Boy Scouts.

Logistics concerns for Saturday are a supply of potable water for the boats, and breakfast and lunch for NHS participants, both of which are being handled by Mr. Woodard.

Sunday, the Norfolk group will start back in caravan around 0900. Again, expect slow going (under 55 mph) the whole way, with frequent stops.


Positions for this weekend - PO Bryan has Coxswain U/I under myself or Mr. Atherton (if attending). Mr. Sturiale and Mr. Filler will have charge of the marines in their appointed positions (LT/SGT). Mr. Atherton has seniority, followed by Mr. Sturiale, Mr. King, Mr. Filler and PO Bryan, in that order.


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