Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can feel it coming in the air tonight...

Yeah that's right - Phil Collins. There are some classics that overcome their corniness in context. Okay, maybe that wasn't one of them.

The Board Meeting of Board Meetings is fast approaching. For anyone who still doesn't understand why we're going to the Outer Banks in January - think of a large luxurious beach mansion, the wide open spaces of the National Seashore, stockpiles of drinks and munchies, and all the most creative, industrious people you've ever put together in one place. Set them in relative isolation in that environment, and let them crack away at some of the most ambitious NHS projects ever. The result is sure to be one exciting 2011 season for NHS.

Remember, the meeting is open to anyone who wants to attend and share in our craziness. The more opinions, the better the result. And since our board normally communicates and conducts its business via email, these face-to-face meetings have become pretty rare in the last year.


Yesterday's fierce rant hasn't yet served its purpose - I don't think anyone actually read the entry. But nevertheless, inactivity frustrates me. Wherever you go to the source of a problem, you can be assured it is getting worse in the absence of activity. Just as ships and men rot in port, idle hands are the devil's playthings, - fill in your favorite saying here - , most initiatives wither and die with inactivity. The thing that bothers me about the Downtown Norfolk waterfront is that all of those non-profits - including Virginia - have vast numbers of volunteers ready to go, if someone would only lead them. But as it is, the inactivity keeps those otherwise ardent supporters at home, fighting off criticism on the internet.

Sad, really. When I walk around down there - and I know nothing has changed, nothing is growing. But to see assets - valuable assets - built in the name of public charity, all sitting idly, NOT accomplishing their mission, and not even trying to - it bothers me.


After all this discussion about inactivity, I'm sure there is someone who is going to chime in and complain that NHS has been rather inactive for the last month. But that assumption is incorrect. True, I've not been writing much, but that's because much of what I'd otherwise write about is up for consideration at the Board Meeting, and therefore out of bounds for the time being. We've got two hot ticket projects - including one GIANT project - in the works, and I'll be cranking out the blog entries as soon as everything has been decided. Stay tuned.


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