Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Doldrums

Right about now - the post holiday stupor - is what I consider to be my doldrums for the year. The weather outside isn't too bad right now, but that hasn't stopped me from using it as an excuse not to work on the boats. I find that I'd rather stay inside reading and eating, planning things, writing things, and generally keeping sedentary. Sad, yes, I know. I still PT - once a week - but I'm just not easily motivated to physical action right now.

Of course this will pass, and there's really nothing that DEMANDS my immediate attention. And I did spend every other hour shovelling snow right after Christmas (it never snows in Tidewater, does it Elmer?) to keep the boats and strucutres safe and sound. Laziness can be - on occassion, I suppose, in moderation, with proper supervision - a good thing. I just have to be careful not to let it last too long.


I've successfully turned over the duties of Web Administrator (yes, there will be no more back and forth follies yelling at myself wearing different hats) to Alex Lutz. Instead, I plan to focus on drawing connections from Lutz in Bruno (horrible movie, but it has its purpose I suppose) to our very own Lutz in Multi-Media. Although I know many of you don't get the humor there, trust me, you should be laughing. Oh well.

Alex has the complex job of heading up the virtual rennovations I just don't have time for, as well as bringing onboard a programmer or two. I look very much forward to seeing the product of her work when the new website launches just after our Board Meeting on the 23rd.


In case you're getting sick of having to wait until after our Board Meeting to find out precisely what it is we're up to, you could always take a drive down to Avon NC, have a lovely winter weekend in the Outer Banks, and find out then and there all the big things we're hatching. Just saying.


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