Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whats up - aside from my weight?

So as I alluded to yesterday, all of the spaces at the Dockyard are now occupied with projects. Many of our followers would recognize Monomoys 1, 2 and 3, No. 1 in winter layup, Nos. 2 and 3 undergoing an extensive restoration. Those who hang out around the waterfront would readily notice the Bandit 15 - one of the small daysailers in our "dinghy" squadron. She's in for centerboard repairs.

But in the Lofting Bay we have another project that I got a jump on in the inclement weather at kept me - and continues to keep me - from work on our outdoor projects. That project brings us into the realm of miniatures, as it's a scale model of the US Sloop of War Hornet built in 1805. Anyone who has been at the Dockyard lately is laughing at my use of the term miniature - as the Hornet is being built in 1:12 scale - that's 1 inch to the foot - making the model's hull about 9 feet long and 30 inches wide. Overall, the model completely rigged will be 16 feet long and 12 feet tall. The model is a waterline form, meaning the only parts being built are those that would show above her waterline, so she can be placed on any flat surface. Oh, and sorry kids, but she's static display only.

The model is being assembled rapidly, with a finish goal at the end of February - so don't expect a work of art in modelmaking here. Despite the haste in assembling her, she'll no doubt be an interesting asset, joining some of our new programming and make the rounds of the region in the coming year as a static display. More about that program after our Board Meeting on the 23rd of this month. I promise there is a method to my madness.


In other news, Monomoys No. 2 and 3 have weathered the elements well so far, and our extended efforts at stabilization have actually caused both boats to regain some of their original shapes. Granted, we'll have more work to do to get them back into original shape when we start re-framing, but it is nice to see the 'auto correct' feature hard at work. We'll re-start the major overhaul efforts with keelson dissasembly and re-framing in March - we need the weather to cooperate for that. We have a bead on some seasoned timber for stems and sternposts, and it'll be ready for shaping around that time as well. No. 3 is currently expected to be ready for service in July 2011, while No. 2 might be a little while longer, as her repairs will likely be a bit more protracted.

Monomoy No. 1 has issues with deteriorating gunwales - which we assume are original to the boat. Replacing these will be difficult, as they are teak and formed to the boat without lamination - something that we aren't really prepared to do. I'll have a better look at them in the spring and have a better idea on a timeline to conduct the repairs. As they are, they're still serviceable so we'll use them as long as we can.


I've received several emails about the Board Meeting on the 22nd and 23rd. No, you don't have to be an NHS member to attend. Yes, there are free overnight accommodations. I'll start sending out the address for directions next week, but for your trip planning, use Avon NC - its a small town in the Outer Banks. I'm excited and looking forward to meeting several people there, as well as getting some good work done.


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