Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dockyard getting extreme makeover

Well, maybe that's a little overstated. But now that the temporary addition to the Framing Bay is complete, we've begun a week of rennovations of the rest of the facilities before embarking on the great construction journey that is the 25-foot Launch. The Framing Bay was entirely gutted yesterday and all tools and materials dragged out into the yard, where they were cleaned and organized. While that was going on the entire Framing Bay was swept and blown down. And now, while I still wouldn't exactly eat off the deck, I am much happier about the work to begin on the Launch next week.

Still on the schedule for this week's rennovations, removing the remaining fence posts in the back forty to clear the "Flipping Path" - the track where the Launch will eventually be wheeled out, upside down, flipped onto skids and chocks then pushed back into the Framing Bay. The Lofting Bay is also set for clearing out and refinishing - we actually have some more lofting to do in there so we'll need to clear out the sailmaking gear for a while.


Wednesday meeting tonight at 1900, free snacks and beverages courtesy of the SS (support section). We'll be covering elements of marlinspike seamanship as well as rigging the grappling hooks and spare anchors in preparation for the Pirate Festival.

Next week we start instruction with the flintlocks (!!!) and we'll have some practice line-throwing.


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