Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fullbore Friday - yeah one of those

Yes, its back, if only for one out of eight more Fridays! This week is a reflection about operations - and getting the job done safely, efficiently, and using sound judgement. These things can really make or break an activity or an event for yourself or the whole group.


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Proper training is a constant necessity. The adage 'if you can't tie a knot, tie a lot' is BS and won't fly here. The average NHS sailor may not be the best hand at marlinspike seamanship, but we're working on that. Taking a few extra minutes to learn the right way to do something will save time and energy later on, rather than making do with what might work.

Learning the edge of "the envelope" is also a necessity in sailing and boating in general. And knowing when to push it and when not to is essential. This we try to pass on with experience and careful study, from one generation of sailor to another, that we can try and avoid crossing that boundary and putting ourselves, our ships and our shipmates in danger.

Considering these essential elements, we now focus on regular operations. During drills and in 'action', it is important to remember to hone your skills and be confident in your actions. Even the right actions, performed sheepishly, can lead to accidents.

Of course, it is important to enjoy the fruits of your labor, too - and I don't mean for anyone to think we shouldn't have a good time. You should enjoy yourself, and feel a deep satisfaction that you are not only increasing your professional skill and knowledge, but engaging in a past time not available for many people. This is all about recreation, for officers and enlisted personnel alike.

For now, I think I'll be happy so long as we don't do anything really stupid. Then again, you could join the Army.

Have a good weekend! I'll be in the shop tonight, tomorrow and Sunday for those who want to come out and lend a hand!


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