Monday, June 7, 2010

Our new, or rather OLD, flags

At the recommendation of some senior navy types, we've adopted a new symbol for our forces afloat. The US Navy's Small Craft Ensign was a common sight aboard the fleet's boats and small craft from the mid-19th century on. It fell into disuse in the 1960s, the last recorded examples issued being in the 1950s. Considering the special use of the flags, the slight novelty and the easy recognition as a variation of the national ensign of the US, they are perfect for use aboard our small craft.

NHS Executive Resolution 105.29, 21 May 2010.

After May 30 2010, the US Navy's Small Craft Ensign is to be flown by all NHS boats while in service insofar as is practicable as determined by the Coxswain or Officer in Charge. Other historical flags may be subsituted (as appropriate) for the Ensign herein prescribed at the discretion of the Commanding Officer.

A sufficient stock of these flags are to be produced and maintained by the Commissioner of Supply at the expense of his Regular Operating Budget (ROB) in the following sizes in whatever quantities he thinks necessary:

Flag Size Number/Hoist (height)/Fly (length)
9 3.52 6.69
10 2.90 5.51
11 2.37 4.50
12 1.31 2.49

Upon completion each flag is to be marked per Supply Regulations and delivered to the Dockyard Superintendant, who shall maintain accountability for the same.

Fun times! Check it out at HarborFest this Saturday!


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