Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready for a productive weekend

Sorry kids, no fullbore today. Just a short word about this weekend's activities.

Yesterday, we poured the concrete for the addition to the Framing Bay, and completed the drawings for the overall structure. Assembly will be largely weather dependent but must be completed by close of activities Sunday to save my nerves the strain of having so much material protected only by a tarp.


The crew of the Monomoy Pulling Boat will be out to row Norfolk Harbor on Saturday afternoon. As of writing we still have several vacancies in the crew, so bring your friends as it looks to be an easy, fun event. See yesterday's post for more information.


The Monomoy herself has been cleaned up and readied for Harborfest, including lots of pine tar and three new oarlocks. She'll be travelling light for this event, with little equipment but her safety gear.


Have a good weekend!


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