Monday, June 7, 2010

Storm has passed, now back to business!

Apologies for the communications blackout after the Bay crossing, but I'm back from NYC and ready to roll!

Little has been going on at the Dockyard, with the exception of a lot of packages coming in. In fact, after the Monomoy was cleaned up after Conquer the Chesapeake, everyone kind of took a bit of a break to rest and recouperate. I'd like to think that includes the boat - with a sprung leeboard and a missing oarlock, she needed some time to recover too.

First things first - EVENTS. Our next event is Norfolk HarborFest, this coming Saturday, from 1500 to roughly 2200. The plan is to launch the boat at Harbor Park (where the Tides play) and row over to Nauticus, get out and enjoy the festivities including tall ships, concerts etc, get some attention rowing around, hang out in the harbor for the fireworks that evening and then recover the boat again that evening. Looks to be a fun event, with some opportunity to bring a few friends and family out for boat rides (as space permits). Let me know soonest if you can make it out.

NHS participation in the Blackbeard Pirate Festival, scheduled for July, has been cancelled. This for two reasons, namely 1) funding for this specific event is short, both in what the trustees are willing to allocate and in what the event is willing to donate, and 2) two sizeable donations have been made to facilitate a resurgence of work on the 24-foot launch, a project that has languished for two years. It costs a good deal of money, time and logistical organization to get out for a major event such as the pirate festival, and in this case the board of directors has decided that finances dictate we withdraw. Sorry pirates, maybe next year!


Secondly, MEETINGS. I want to start a regular weekly meeting. We'll either conduct training, work on small maintenance projects or take the boat out, depending on what we need to get done and how many people we have. Also depending on numbers, we may fire up the grill/smoker for some barbecue. Our first meeting will be this Wednesday, 9 June at the NHS Dockyard. Contact me for directions and details.


Another product of this past weekend's board meetings is that the headqarters of the NHS Marines may be moving back to Danville VA. Seems the marines don't like hanging around the tars in the dockyard. Ha! Well, its not final yet, but provided the Logistics Director and Commissioner of Supply can work out the funding and logistics, you folks in Danville will be right in the thick of marine country. I am very much looking forward to sending you all back your mess kits and camping gear- good riddance!


Last note for today is a word about the 24-foot Launch. After languishing for two years "on the stocks" she has been picked up for completion by the end of this year. I'm glad to see the renewed interest, and hope that many of you can join us in the dockyard to get 'er done. For details about the design, see the last blog entry. One thing is sure - I've got dibs on coxswain of that beauty when she hits the water!

That's it for now - more to follow this week as I get back in the saddle.



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