Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just one more thing I love about CONSTITUTION

This photo was posted on Facebook by someone who recently visited Old Ironsides. Of course, my first thought is to the unknown (to me) incident prompted that sign - and a wish that I could have been there because I'm sure it was highly entertaining, in a funny and/or scarry sort of way.


Yesterday's meeting forged ahead in several key areas. After a discussion of the plans for the 25-foot Launch and a brief tutorial about boat design, drafting and lofting, we turned to a clinic on marlinspike seamanship, then to planning and preparation for the Blackbeard Pirate Festival. Thanks to those who came out, and for those who didn't - you're missing the boat shipmates!


The Dockyard is closed this weekend for tree clearing and termite prevention work. See you all next Tuesday!


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