Monday, June 14, 2010

EVENT UPDATE - Blackbeard Pirate Festival

HOT OFF THE PRESS - we ARE going to the Blackbeard Pirate Festival this July 9-11. The crew of the Monomoy Pulling Boat will be joined by a FULL SQUAD of 8-10 NHS marines for an expedition against the piratical horde assembled at Hampton VA. This event will utilize historical costumes as well as reproduction weapons. Think of "Pirates of the Carribbean" - we're the British for this one. The marines are decked out head to toe in British Marine uniforms, and sailors will wear a mix of clothing appropriate for sailors of the period.

Last year's highlights include shooting muskets from high in the rigging of a ship during the battle, as well as several ship/boat to shore actions. The pirate wenches made a great show of trying to wrest the marine's muskets away, and several marines ended up on a barrel wearing the placard "I fold the King's mufket for puffy". This year, with our own boat and several times the compliment, I expect we'll be very active.

Time to break out the grappling hooks, spare anchors, and all the line we can muster. By the way, the King's Men won this one - and returned to port with Blackbeard's head dangling from their bowsprit. Needless to say, we've instructed the costume and prop people accordingly.

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