Thursday, October 21, 2010

An update -a virtual post-it note

As Monomoy No. 3 waits patiently on her old and crappy cradles, No. 2 is getting all the attention this week. Fiberglass stripping should be largely completed by the end of the weekend, and we can press straight into removing the stem and sternpost. The work we've done thus far to dig her out of what basically amounts to a badly applied resin bowl has shown us more about the character of work to come this winter.

Overall, the planking on No. 2 seems to be nicely intact, and we've seen very little damage thus far. The forward end of the garboard and second strakes on the port side have sprung away from the stem about 1/2", indicating some failure of the fasteners terminating in the stem. That may or may not be corrected with the replacement stem. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now, volunteers be advised - I know that on Wednesday most people were in shortsleeve shirts with only nitrile gloves, but from this point onward until the glass is removed, nobody will be allowed to go NEAR No. 2 unless they are wearing disposable coveralls, chemical gloves, face protection, a hat and a respirator. No, I'm not flexible here, don't push it.


I had a conversation with someone this morning trying to figure out the proper spelling of fo'c'sle. Trying to 'properly' spell out Sailors' speech is always a bad idea - I'm reasonably sure the OED hasn't caught on to those nuances in language yet, nor are they likely ever to do so.


Today I'm going shopping for tools so I won't be at the Dockyard. Anticipate work progressing steadily from Friday afternoon all the way through Sunday evening.


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