Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Execution is fun with MONSTER FORKLIFT!

Okay, we are set. The Dockyard is standing by to recieve Monomoy Pulling Boats No 2 and 3 by truck from New York. Our heavy lift equipment has been ordered, the rigging is ready, dunnage is in place.

Thanks to a shortage of standard forklifts at our local rental shops, we've been forced by necessity into an option that I have enjoyed the prospect of from the get go - Monster Forklift. This behemoth permits us to lift the boats and turn them either perpendicular to the direction of travel or parallel to it, thus eliminating the need for the smaller trailers that we had planned - a welcome omission. Now, we will remove the boats from the flatbed rigged perpendicular to the travel and stage them near the road before picking them back up again, parallel to the travel and running them all the way back to their final assigned places in the Dockyard.

I have to say that while I am nervous about the overall execution and will be watching it closely, I am fully excited that I get to play with this beast of a machine - by far the coolest land-based toy NHS has let me play with to this point. Her 6,500 lb capacity - with boom fully extended I might add - is going to be more than enough to tackle our 2,400 lb boats. That said, I've spent much of my time surveying the dockyard trying to figure out what else I could possibly do with this thing! Hmmmmm.


The boats are, at this moment, being secured on the flatbed for their trip south. They will start out tonight and arrive in the area first thing in the morning, when I'll coordinate the initial offload at the Dockyard. They'll be offloaded with the monster, and set out near the road to await the rest of the Dockyard crew to assist with the move to their places.

Tomorrow's muster is at 1600, and THANK YOU to all the supporters who've rogered up and will be chipping in to get the job done.

An exciting day in store tomorrow... stand by for pictures.


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