Friday, October 1, 2010

The schnozberries taste like schnozberries!

Yes, I am going a little crazy. But hey, do you know that the goofy looking putz who said that in Super Troopers married my dream girl? What the hell man... can't get any respect!

Okay, appologies for the comms blackout at such an exciting time - I've been very busy trying to coordinate everything going on at the Dockyard. What is that? you might ask. For those who've been under a rock, or flood waters, all week, here is the list:

1) the 25-foot Launch construction is back in the spotlight. We're setting up to "speed-bend" her frames at a single large gathering where we'll steam the laminations together then bend them all around the molds, one entire frame at a time. The steam box is under construction and is about 80% done. Dates for the "speed bend" framing party are still tentative, email me with preferences.

2) we've been offered two wooden Monomoy Pulling Boats - for free. These are all wood, centerboard equipped boats in great shape. They will need minor structural repairs, refinishing inside and out, some caulking, all new oars, new masts and spars, sails, rigging, trailers - the whole kitten kaboodle. BUT they are prime specimens for restoration and addition to the NHS inventory. at the Dockyard we've been clearing and levelling space where the tents to house them will be set up, and planning other space for materials etc as well as updating the Severe Weather Plan to include them.

3) a big fundraising push is about to be made to raise some $1,500 in costs associated with getting the new boats down from NYC and provide for their accommodation here at the Dockyard. That means a lot of research on my part, and others, to figure out the most cost-effective means of doing all that. I understand the new website update has been pushed and can be expected on Monday - along with a letter to our membership and fans about the fundraising efforts. For reference, no we are not soliciting our members for money - we are asking them to go out and approach local businesses. The info packet coming out Monday discusses that in detail.

SOOO that being said, I need to get back to work! So much time and so little to do --- strike that, reverse it.

Yeah, you're still probably not getting those references... why do I try...

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