Monday, October 11, 2010

Back from vacation, and down to business

Good evening, all. I've just returned from my much needed weekend away, and I'm ready to get back to work.

First, I'd like to make a few quick remarks about the 'new' Monomoys and the fundraiser NHS is holding for them. Both boats were donated to us, and needed to be moved from New York City to our shops in Norfolk. Their safe delivery hinged on a very tenuous timeline, based around when they could be hoisted ashore (yes, they were on a ship) and directly onto our truck. The expense of the truck, the forklift rental and insurance for the whole mess was the primary reason for the fundraiser. So I'm sure there are some who are wondering - well its done already, why do they still need funds? The answer is that the Board of Directors made a last minute split decision to pay for the time-sensitive move from previously allocated funds - namely my planking stock budget for the Launch and insurance premiums that had been saved for next season. So we robbed Peter to pay Paul, at least temporarily. The boats had to be moved and fast if we were to ensure they would remain in their present condition.

So the fundraising continues, essentially to pay back the 'loan' of operational funding for next season. Every bit shy of the goal that we fall will come out of some other project's budget, and might even restrict operations in the short term next Spring. So keep up the efforts!!


Tomorrow night I will be starting the stem to sternpost evaluation of Monomoy No 2. As soon as that is complete I will move to No. 3, and with some luck I hope to complete a thorough survey and work list by the end of next week. This will be used to dictate the rest of the winter construction season as regards these boats, and will likely determine how much of a chunk will be taken out of construction of the Launch. Talk like that (about the Launch) is going to have me sitting on an inflatable doughnut all winter, I can tell already.


At some point this week, we need the carpenters to start planning and making a materials list for the restoration cradles on Monomoys No 2 and 3. Any evening this week will suffice, but I'll need your list by Friday.


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