Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little Dockyard S & M

Yesterday the prep work for ditching the cradles on No. 2 was completed. We have 12" sided white oak blocks for the keel to rest on, and the jacks, shores and shims are all in place. Later today we'll go ahead placing the blocks and jacking her up, remove the cradle at one end, then lowering her down onto the blocks. The process will then be repeated on the other end, until the boat rests on her keel, on the blocks, where she should be.

I suspect there will be a lot of mallets and mauls flying today, and a little full-contact boat work. The process of placing the blocks is fairly straightforward but the subsequent wedging and shimming to achieve level will undoubtedly be an exercise in constructive abuse. The last time we did this with the Launch strongbacks (already under load) for the severe weather plan the whole schmear went downhill real fast - for some reason the volunteers love driving wedges while yelling "take it, yeah, who's your daddy?" Establish your safe words early kids - and don't stress the old girls (Monomoys) out too much, they'll to whoop your asses.

My biggest worry in the process is that the keel has enough support to remain straight. Two blocks should about do it for now, but later on we'll come back and block, shim and wedge several more along the keel to facilitate removal of the keelsons - major stiffening components - in the process of removing and replacing frames.

No. 3 will follow No. 2 later in the week, possibly tomorrow depending on the carpenters cranking out more blocks, shims and wedges.

Once the blocks are in place and all is shored up sufficiently, we can start our first major removal work - the stem and stern posts. I'll discuss that when we get to that point. We'll still have some stripping of fiberglass to do (not all, but some) before we get there.


TOOLS WE NEED. Anyone who has tools they are willing to loan, please bring them by. We'll ensure each is appropriately marked and cared for while its here. Consumable items - well, we will give back what we dont use up. We need:
- heat guns
- respirators and cartridges
- pry bars
- metal wedges
- mauls
- goggles
- foamies
- twinkies or hohos


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