Friday, October 1, 2010

The importance of making friends with the natives, or yankee boaters in the southland

"Yeah. We'll go... talk to Bob."

If you don't get that one, just go find a hole and stay here.

For the last week I've been searching dilligently for trailers for the new Monomoy donations. I've been running the gammot sending email after email to the Board of Directors trying to get budgets lined up and pushing on Trustees for more funding. This wasn't exactly in our fiscal plan this year - not that it has ever stopped us before. But the challenge goes far beyond the scale of anything we've yet attempted. I mean one boat can be a challenge but two at the same time makes things really interesting.

The first place I try to search are the obvious resources - ebay, swap sheets, classified ads, local boatyards. Even called a few trailer places - no luck, not in our budget.

So when I ran into a guy I work with occasionally - one of the rare indigenous locals of the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area - he told me to give him a day, then call him back. Of course, I was skeptical. But when he called me back an hour later to tell me to call a place I had already called, I was less than enthused, until I followed his instructions.

"Bob's Trailers" was one of the first shops I called. Of course the woman I spoke to was very polite, but didn't offer much I could work with. On calling back I found myself talking to Bob himself.

"We got lotsa trailers, they'll 'bout all do ya." Well, Bob, what are we looking at for price here?
"You need two, and ain't gotta budget, I know see I got this buddy who called me." Yes, Bob, I know.

"Tella what, y'all come on by and we'll sort y'all out." Wow, thanks Bob.

"Yeah t'aint nothin but y'all gotta get me this here paperwork straightened out for my tax stuff."

So yeah, I'll talk to Bob. And hopefully by the end of the day today I'll have a few more answers and solutions to the neverending problems.


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