Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Done, and I'm taking a vacation!

Its been a very long day here at the Dockyard. There are still a few housekeeping items to be dealt with, but overall we are all wrapped up here. Outside there are now two huge tarps covering Monomoy Pulling Boats No 2 and 3, at rest on crude cradles safe and sound in Virginia at last. It was just over 24 hours ago that they were craned off of a ship and onto a truck to begin their journey south, and just over 9 hours ago that they arrived here. Days of calls, planning, flying checks, emergent material purchases, more calls. Verify, reverify, roll with a new plan and start again. I'm very nearly exhausted by these last several days' exertions.

If I had my reservations before about what we had to offer our Membership at the Dockyard - if I ever considered calling it a "dockyard" silly - today, looking out over five boats in various stages of construction, restoration or readiness, I realize that it is no folly and no trivial thing.

But thought about the possibilities and what could follow WILL exhaust me. So now, I'm going to pass out, and start my mini-vacation weekend tomorrow. I'll return Monday.


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