Sunday, October 24, 2010

Take it off!

Pictured - a 28-foot Whaleboat in a Charleston SC boatyard around the turn of the 20th century. The boat clearly illustrates a two-masted sliding gunter rig very popular in Monomoy Pulling Boats.
The weekend work has just wrapped up and we got quite a bit of work done. Working with Navy Petty Officer and aspiring coxswain Caleb Bryan, we managed to strip the fiberglass sheathing from the No. 2 Monomoy as part of her stabilization process, and take off the curve of her stem in preparation for the removal of that part in a week or so.

During the removal process, we were able to identify several damaged planks as well as some repairs that had been done to the boat before. But like other portions of stabilization to this point, these all yield more questions and few answers. I passed around some books I have collected about the construction and repair of traditionally built wooden boats, and hopefully when we meet during the week we will have a few points to discuss. After all, nobody involved at this point has ever attempted the slightest repair of a boat like this, let alone the in-depth restoration we are attempting, and on TWO boats at that. Needless to say, we have a lot to learn. But I am confident that we have the right talent to make this happen.

We've been discussing the future of these boats and there are many decisions to be made, including what sailing rig will be fitted to each, and what paint colors and wood finishes to use. But most of all, we're discussing operations, and what kind of things we'd like to do. Everyone is in agreement that long distance trips in the boats are what we want to do - pushing our abilities and endurance to the max on long-distance open water and coastal trips. I won't go into details - yet - but there is one trip already being discussed that will blow Conquer the Chesapeake out of the water.


More to follow tomorrow, after I've rested up from the weekend.


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